Environmental Responsibilities

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. The entire management of our operation is subject to an Environmental Management System certified to BS EN ISO 14001. Our stated aim is to minimize the impact on the environment for everything we do.

We recognise the sensitivity of our location, in particular:
  • Our close proximity to residential areas, local schools, and Russells Hall Hospital
  • Our bordering of the Buckpool and Fens Pool SSSI (Site of Specific Scientific Interest) and SAC (Special Area of Conservation)

How do we impact on the environment?

Spill Kit
Emergency spill kits always at the ready
Specifically, our environmental impacts can be broken down into 4 categories:
  • Air - Emissions from our Gas Boilers and Abatement Scrubber System
  • Water - Emissions from our Effluent Treatment Plant and Surface Water Drainage
  • Waste - Generation of waste from our processes and administration
  • Raw Materials - Consumption of raw materials from paper to steel banding to natural gas and electricity
Each of these impacts are subject to minimisation activities. So, what to do we do to minimise our environmental impact?

As earlier mentioned, we operate an Environmental Management System. This requires us to have:
  • An Environmental Policy Statement
  • Environmental Objectives and Management Programmes
  • Procedures to control our Environmental Impacts.

Our Environmental Management System is audited every six months by a UKAS accredited certification body, Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, together with periodic audits from the Environment Agency.

Protecting the local environment

Great Crested Newt
The Fens Pool SSSI is home to species
such as The Great Crested Newt
Our Dudley site borders the Fens Pool Site of Specific Scientific Interest (SSSI), which is protected by law. All surface water from our site (car park and buildings), as well as the main road servicing our site entrance, drains to the Fens Pool SSSI, so anything spilt on these roadways has the potential of contaminating surface water draining to this sensitive receptor. In order to mitigate any accident hazards, we have:
  • Emergency Drain Covers, located in our weighbridge and in the Effluent Treatment Plant.
  • Emergency Spill kits located around the exterior and interior perimeter of the factory.
  • Emergency Shut Off Valve to Fens Pool Outlet.
  • Stormwater Oil Interceptor and Containment pool.
If you are visiting our site and experience a spillage of any kind, contact a member of staff immediately.
Protection of the drainage network is of paramount importance!

Legal Implications

Legal compliance is a vital facet of our business, with key Environmental Legislation applicable to us including:
  • Environmental Permitting Regulations (formerly IPPC), for which we hold a permit (Reference KP3732PL).
  • Hazardous Waste Regulations, for which we are registered as a producer of Hazardous Waste (License No. AAE127)
  • Consent to Discharge to Controlled Water (S/06/55083/T/D)
  • Consent to discharge of trade effluent to the public foul water sewer (005907V)
  • Producer Packaging Regulations

Memberships/Trade Affiliations

In order to help ease the task of complying with Environmental Legislation and to aid in the reduction of our Environmental Impact, we are members of the following body:

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