What is the SCS Process?

The SCS Process is a revolutionary new way of processing steel coils. SCS material is very clean, extremely flat and comes dry with no oil on the surface.

How SCS works

The Wipe Test

All coils processed through the SCS machine pass through a set of high-torque tension levellers which ensure the material is extremely flat.

At the heart of our coil-to-coil system is a brushing unit. The material passes through a series of engineered abrasive rolls where rust and a controlled level of scale is removed. Water is used to cool and lubricate the rolls as well as wash away the iron oxide which has been removed. The material is then air dried to produce a clean, flat and dry surface.

In cases where only shape correction is required, the brushing can be omitted from the run. This is generally the case for coated and cold reduced coil.

Before SCS
The SCS Line

After SCS
The Results


Differences between SCS and Pickled & Oiled Material (P&O)

  • SCS has a considerably longer shelf life than P&O without the need to apply a protective layer of oil. In normal indoor storage conditions, SCS will stay corrosion free for several months.
  • With the use of tension levellers, SCS material is much flatter than P&O.
  • The use of SCS material will improve the efficiency of many fabrication processes.
  • The process does not use any chemicals, acid or heat and thus is extremely environmentally friendly. Please contact Servosteel to find out how you can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by simply switching to SCS.
Please browse the above tabs to see process specific benefits that SCS can bring over P&O and Hot Rolled material. By simply switching to SCS cleaned steel, many users can achieve vast efficiency improvements throughout their production process.

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