Scale of Charges

Listed below is our current scale of charges, which will affect all new and current stocks effective 1st June 2023.
Wide Slitting
Base Price Minimum Invoice Line Stop Coil Returned To Stock / Headset Change Stainless Steel (min inv £800.00 l/s)
0.80mm and below £45.00 p/tonne
(over 10 slits per coil +£4pt)


+ £5.00 p/tonne

£200.00 / £350.00

£125.00 p/t
0.81mm to 2.00mm £39.00 p/tonne
(over 10 slits per coil +£4pt)
2.01mm and above £34.00 p/tonne
(over 10 slits per coil +£4pt)

Recoiling £34.00 p/tonne Price on application
Double slitting Price on application
Decoiling to Length
Gauge Range Base Price Minimum
Minimum Invoice
Over 4 lengths
sizes per coil
Over 8 lengths
sizes per coil
Coil returned to stock
(up to 8mm)
6m +
0.9mm - 2.4mm £42.00 p/tonne £420.00

+ £2.00 p/tonne

+ £4.00 p/tonne


+ £8.00
2.5mm - 12.5mm £36.00 p/tonne £360.00
Coil to Coil Pickling
Base Price Minimum Invoice Width of 1500mm and above.
899mm and below
Gauge over 6.0mm Coil in half on line
£37.00 p/tonne £425.00 + £2.00 p/tonne + £2.00 p/tonne + £5.00 p/tonne
Base Price Minimum Invoice Unproductive and/or Second Pass Coil in Half on Line
£35.00 p/tonne £350.00 + £10.00 p/tonne + £5.00 p/tonne
Palletising Paper Shrouding Interleaved Paper Removal Non-standard Packaging requirements
£30.00 per pack (+ cost of pallet) £30.00 per pack £20 p/tonne Packaging requirements deemed to be
outside of standard practice will carry
an additional charge
Timbers - requests for 20+ timbers will carry an additional charge (alternatively customers will supply their own)
Stock Control
Internal stock transfers between customers £25.00 each stock transfer

Storage Charge for unprocessed parent coil languishing on our shop floor in excess of TWO MONTHS.
Charged at Month End
£1.00 per tonne per week
£1.50 per tonne per week - months 12+

Handling and Storage of material collected out unprocessed
(including part processed coil balances returned to stock).
£9.00 per tonne handling
£1.00 per tonne per week storage from date of receipt
£1.50 per tonne per week - 12 months+
Minimum £5.00 per tonne charge on storage

Storage of processed material languishing on shop floor in excess of 14 days from date from date of processing.
£4.00 per tonne per week.
Minimum invoce £100.00
Material Samples £35.00 per sample
Physical Stock-take charge at £60 per request.
£60.00 per stock-take
Stock verification in customers presence £25.00 per hour (min. 2 hours)

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